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KrakenPrint is a one-stop custom printing shop. First, we use our years of printing experience and expertise to meticulously prepare your project. Then we work closely with our printing manufacturer to ensure that your final printed product meets our exacting standards. 

Streamlining this process from beginning to end means we’re able to offer printed products for an incredible value. Our customers save 30-70% for quality printed goods that look and feel 100% professional.

No gimmick, no catch, no fine print. Only finely printed materials and amazing savings.

The secret to our success?

Our Team
Sam Amborn

Sam Amborn

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

From the time she was a child, Sam has known that comic books and graphic novels aren’t a literary realm best left “to the boys.” Her passion for these art forms grew out of a desire to connect with her older brother, who couldn’t get enough of them.

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Today she continues her mission to make comics, graphic novels, and RPGs an inclusive space for all artists. As an entrepreneur in an arts-based startup industry, she is driven by the desire to open the market to all and any who have the courage to follow their dreams.

With over a decade of experience in the printing industry, Sam’s expertise spans from graphic design and prepress to production and distribution. Sam can answer any printing question that may arise, and chances are if you give us a call or shoot us an email, it’s Sam with whom you’ll chat. Her familiarity with all things printing related translates into an ability to make what could be a complicated and stressful process, comfortable and exciting. The quality of your finished printed project is how Sam measures her success, and she’s known to be expertly successful.

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Jacob Way

Jacob Way

Co-Founder & Director of Sales

Jacob created KrakenPrint because he recognized that the custom printing industry was lacking several crucial components, and he knew he could create a better model.
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Custom printing should be about more than just getting a job done fast and cheap; there should be passion and artistry and dedicated customer service at every step of the ordering and printing processes, and Jacob is committed to this standard.

With many years of business experience, a start-up mentality, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Jacob tackles everything from customer service to marketing and vendor relationships. He loves to talk about art and comics and gaming, so don’t be surprised if the very first order for your custom printed project is from him.

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Want to say hi? You can email Jacob directly at:

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