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The Creators

Kraken print is the perfect blend of a competitively professional product with a small business feel who gives personal attention to every one of their customers.  Their team went out of their way to understand my project and me as a creator to figure out the best way to handle the production of a book I had devoted so much of my time to.  Once the process of printing started, they kept me updated with emails and photos to assure me that everything was going well and in a timely fashion.  During the delivery of the product, we ran into some trouble with the shipping company and Kraken had my back, checking in with me and doing everything they could to work out the problem.  When I had the finished books in hand, they were the most impressive looking print job of any I had done before (this is my 11th book).  Kraken is affordable, fast and puts out a superior product.  They are wonderful to work with and I can’t wait to work with them again!

Michael Bracco

Creator, Creators Comic