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Perhaps you have a webcomic with a style that fits the manga format better than a traditional comic book. You might be a mangaka starting out on the long road who is in need of a helping hand. Whatever your art, wherever you are, KrakenPrint can help you create your printed manga.

Consider whether your manga should be printed traditionally from right to left. Does black and white best suit your manga, or would color be better? And what about your cover and binding? Just a few things to think about.

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“Great service and pricing! I can’t recommend them enough! They killed it on the production of the first issue of Humalien!” – Adam Farster


“This team stops at nothing to do beautiful printing. Easy to talk to and knowledgable about the printing world, Sam and Jacob are professionals. They are even excited about customizing my book the way I want it. I am extremely happy with the outcome and will be doing all of my printing with them in the future.” – Carla Wyzgala


“They were there for us every step of the way. The part I liked the most was that no matter what, they were always just a phone call away…something I took advantage of many times during the process. When the books came in, my jaw dropped…my graphic novel looks as good/better than stuff from the big two! Unbelievable quality.” – David Brown


“From their customer service, to their impeccable printing, few printers I’ve worked with come even close to their product quality, their printing options, and their heart for comics. Whether you’re getting single issue comics, or hardcover graphic novels, I can recommend no one more that KP. You will not be sorry you chose to work with them.” – Caleb King


“Having worked with many printers, Kraken stands out from all the rest. I have never dealt with such professional talent in all of my years publishing comics. Customer support is their number one priority and the graphic design department is incredible. They pretty much held my hand throughout the entire process and helped me make my product look the best that it could.” – Rene Castellano

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