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Type of Binding

Binding is the act of joining signatures or leafs of paper together with thread, glue, wire and other means. Popular types of binding include, but are not limited to: case (hardcover) binding, perfect (softcover) binding, saddle stitch binding, lay flat binding, and spiral binding.

Case Binding

This binding method results in what is commonly called a hardcover book. A hard cover is manufactured by wrapping and gluing gray board with paper, fabric, plastic or leather. Interior pages are arranged into signatures, stacked, and sewn together with thread for strength. This block of signatures (book block) is then attached to the hard cover with glue. The first and last sheets (endsheets) are then glued to the inside of the hard cover. Case binding is typically the most expensive, but is the most durable of all binding styles. It is commonly used for text books, children’s books, art books, cook books, and more!

Perfect Binding

This binding method results in what is commonly called a softcover book. Interior pages are arranged into signatures, stacked, and then glued into a heavier stock paper cover. For added durability, signatures can be first sewn, and then glued into the cover. Perfect binding is commonly used for novels, trades, graphic novels, children’s books, and more!

Saddle-Stitch Binding

In saddle stitch binding, interior pages are arranged into signatures and nested (set one into the other). They are then stitched through the fold with thin wire (staples) and trimmed to final size. Saddle-stitching is great for books with lower page counts. Common uses are for comics, sketchbooks, and other types of booklet-type projects.

Lay-Flat Binding

Lay flat binding is a variation of perfect binding where books can lay flat when open. Interior pages are arranged into signatures, stacked and glued with a flexible adhesive. The cover is then attached only to the edges of the spine. Popular uses for this binding method are technical manuals, cookbooks, and art books.

Spiral Binding

Spiral or “coil” is mechanical binding where a metal or plastic loop is passed through punched holes in a spiral, from the top to the bottom of the book. This binding method allows the product to lie flat, making it a great option for notebooks, cookbooks, calendars, and instructional guides.