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Margins & Guides

Trim Line

This is the final project size. Crop or trim marks are used to identify where pages need to be cut.

Bleed Line

Any artwork reaching the edge of your trimmed product will need bleed. Extend these images and backgrounds 1/8” past the trim line to create a bleed margin.  This margin will be trimmed off during the final production stages.

Safe Area

This is an area inside the final trim size of your project. Most binding and trimming equipment is accurate up to 1/32”. Because of this, it is recommended to keep any important information at least 1/8” away from the trim edge to eliminate the risk of being cut off.

Gutter Line

When making a soft or hardcover book, it is recommended to keep text and other important content at least 0.375” away from the spine gutter edge. This ensures content will remains visible after the binding process.


*Please refer to our templates for more information about these guides!